Faculty Members:

Dr. Zaijing Sun

Dr. Sun is an assistant professor in the nuclear engineering program at SCSU. He received his Ph.D. of Applied Physics (in the area of Radiation Science and Accelerator Applications) at the Idaho Accelerator Center in 2012. Before joining SCSU, He had worked in the Nuclear Engineering Division of Argonne National Laboratory for three years, under the supervision of Dr. George Vandergrift and Dr. Sergey Chemerisov. He was also guided directly by Dr. Unnikrishnan (a pioneer in temporal data mining) at the Northshore Research Institute.

His responsibilities at RDML include (but not limited to)

(1) conduct scientific research that generates independent, high quality, and reproducible results; interpret the research data (especially on database analysis and temporal data mining for early indicators), write reports to the funding agency, produce presentations and papers.

(2) lead the scientific direction and administer, compliance, finance, personnel, and other related aspects of the research project;

(3) manage the design/conduct of the research project; monitor the progress of the research and ensure the integrity of collaborative relationships with SRNL;

(4) coordinate with school, department, and central administration personnel to make sure that research is conducted following Federal regulations, University policies, and DOE procedures.

— Biswajit Biswal, Ph.D.

Dr. Biswajit Biswal is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at South Carolina State University. He holds Ph.D. in Computer and Information Systems Engineering from Tennessee State University, M.S. in Electrical Engineering from NYU Tondon School of Engineering, and B.E. in Medical Electronics Engineering from India. His research interests are machine learning, data mining, cybersecurity, cloud computing, RF signal detection (Drones), IoT, and big data analysis. Dr. Biswal has many technical papers published in conferences and journals. He has severed as a technical reviewer in many conferences and journals. He is also a member of IEEE.

Dr. Young-Gyun Kim

Dr. Kim is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at SCSU. His education includes an MS in Nuclear engineering and a Ph.D. in computer science. His primary responsibility is to help the PI manage the project and supervise students during the semesters and summer months. He oversees keeping the project running on schedule, managing the collected data with SQL database, and designing the web-based data acquisition and temporal data mining system. He is also partially responsible for quarterly reports, presentations and journal papers.

— Dr. Andrew Duncan (SRNL)

Dr. Duncan is the leading engineer at ISD Sensor Network Test Bed located at SRNL. His primary responsibility is to: (1) provide the data collected from ISD sensor network testbed; (2) teach the background knowledge about the ISD sensor network testbed and data acquisition system at SRNL; (3) provide scientific and technical advice, helping keep the quality of research at the professional level with his expertise.


Sadat Pollard (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 5/2020-present,
Jeniffer Jeffcoat (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 05/2020-present,
Luisa Marschhausen (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 1/2020-present,
Robert Gentile (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 01/2019-present,
Amelia Manhardt (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 01/2018-present,
Thomas Thompson (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 10/2019-present,
Ebony Thornton (Radiochemistry), RA, 10/2019-present,
James Harglerode (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 01/2019-present,
Bishal Neupane (Computer Sciences), RA, 10/2017-present,
Sandeep Bhattarai (Computer Sciences), RA, 10/2017-present,
Nafisat Isa (Biology/chemistry), RA, 11/2015-12/2019, graduated,
1st place in student oral presentation in ARD 2019,
Emmanual Nwosu (Electrical Engineering), RA, 01/2016-05/2019, graduated,
1st place in student oral presentation in 74th PAWC Conference,
1st place in student poster presentation in 75th PAWC Conference,
Joshua Johnson (Mechanical Engineering), RA, 01/2017-12/2019, graduated,
Karthiga Cherry (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 2016-2019, graduated,
Joshua Tieken (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 2018-2019, graduated,
Netra Patel (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 01/2018-05/2019, graduated,
Dale Clavon (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 2016-17, graduated,
Jaquan Rivers (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 2017, graduated,
Jaylon Myers (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 2017, graduated,
Kingsley Ogujiuba(Nuclear Engineering), RA, 2017, graduated,
Terkessia Hart (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 2017, graduated,
Gianni Nelson (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 2016-2018, graduated,
Sihan Chang (Nuclear Engineering), RA, 2017, graduated