The Applied Radiation Sciences Laboratory (ARSL) is located in the Engineering and Computer Science Complex of the South Carolina State University (SCSU). It is a unique state-of-the-art teaching/research facility operated by the Nuclear Engineering Program (NEP) in the College of Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology (CSMET). Nunclear Engineering Program of SCSU is the only undergraduate nuclear engineering program located at a Historically Black College/University (HBCU). 

The mission of the ARSL which supports the mission of the University and the College is to produce engineers who are highly skilled, competent and well prepared in the fields of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, to enter professional careers in the public and private sectors and pursue degrees beyond the baccalaureate level in professional or graduate school.

 The ARSL serves as a principal investigating conduit in the Palmetto State for research and development in nuclear applications, such as nuclear activation analysis, radiochemistry, medical isotope, radiation damage, material sciences, homeland and national security applications.

 Dr. Chang and his students in
radiochemistry group
Students along with Dr. Chang are working
 on the analysis of radium isotopes in environmental water